Istanbul Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

Aim & Scope

Istanbul Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities is a double-blind peer-reviewed, open access research journal. The Journal aims to publish cutting-edge interdisciplinary studies with a primary focus on original research or reviews in various disciplines of humanities and social sciences. It also aims to be indexed in the leading international and national abstracting and indexing databases. The journal prioritizes publications that address regional and national issues and problems arising in the Republic of Turkey and dealing with the past and present of its main megapolis, Istanbul.

Manuscripts are evaluated for compliance with the journal scope upon submission.


Istanbul Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities is e-only and Open Access, and focuses on research across the Social Sciences and the Humanities.


The goal of the Journal is to publish quality academic theoretical and applied studies in the fields of:


         Media & Journalism

         Geography, Planning and Development

         Urban Studies


         Public Relations

  • Political Science

         Politics & Governance,

         Public Administration

         Law and Legal Issues

  • Arts and Humanities

         Education and Assessment

         the English language & literature

         the Turkish language & literature

         History, Archeology



         Aesthetics and Ethics


         Visual Arts and Performing Arts


         Social and Cultural Psychology

  • Economics


         International Economics







The Journal is published quarterly (March-June-September-December) in the Turkish and English languages.


The journal encourages contributions from the research community highlighting the novelty and the practical impact of the reported studies.

We aim to provide publication support to domestic and international scientific conferences.


The published articles shall obtain constant digital object identifier (DOI).